Blues to Bluegrass with John Santa

John Santa, Fellow with the North Carolina Humanities Council is bringing his talents to the Outer Banks. He is an accomplished musician, author, producer and songwriter. Workshop participants will learn the song “Sitting on Top of the World" in both the Blues and Bluegrass genres, discussing the differences in both styles. They will start the song as a blues song and morph it into a bluegrass song.

All ages, All instruments, all level players and vocalists are welcome. 

Participants will then be welcome to play that song with John Santa at the Bluegrass festival on Friday September 26th in the indoor Film Theater just prior to the Band Competition. 

The Workshop will be hosted by Dare County Arts Council in the Historic Courthouse in Downtown Manteo beginning at 7:00pm.

Any of the workshop participants that perform on Friday Sept 26th will receive a ticket to the Bluegrass festival for the whole day on the 26th! 

Adults $10.00 Children under the age of 12 years old $5.00 and must be accompanied by an adult.

Please call Dare County Arts Council to register or for more information at (252) 473-5558.

John Santa Bio: JOHN SANTA is an award winning producer and musician. He lives in Chapel Hill. He loves music and plays eighteen instruments. At various points in his life he thought he was a guitar player, a writer, a cellist, a journalist and a producer. Then one day he realized he was really just a storyteller and his life got much, much easier. Among his proudest achievements are being voted Teacher Of The Year four years in a row at Piedmont Community College and founding the Marathon Jam for Charity ( which has spread to cities all around the country and even overseas. He finds it delightfully ironic that as a poor struggling author/musician he has been able to raise substantial sums of money for various charities, most notably the Fisher House. He believes there is nothing more powerful than a good idea, but it helps a lot if you and your friends are more than a little bit crazy.

Mr. Santa has won many awards for his video productions and while he revels in telling many different kinds of stories, he most enjoys the ones that in some way seek to make the world a better place, thus the preponderance of educational and medical videos in his resume.

Some say the glass is half full. Some say half empty. John just drinks the water.